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Living Clean. Following Dreams

Some of you are probably wondering what clean eating is or if you read my about page then you know more about it. Clean eating is the reason I made this website so it's really important that I talk about it. Clean eating could be something different for someone else, for example, if you don't eat meat then you could eat everything else except for the meat as long as you're still eating organic and choosing items with clean ingredients. This is what I consider clean eating to be, everthing organic or non gmo certified, grass fed meat, pasture rasied or free range eggs if pasture raised isn't available. Choosing raw dairy instead of conventional dairy is really important, this includes all dairy and eating grass fed butter or ghee instead of just the regular butter which isn't good for you.

Checking the ingredients in everything is essential to staying on the right path, making sure you're eating soy free, gluten free, no pork, no artificial flavors or processed sugar. One of the things that I feel like is the hardest to change when switching to clean eating is sugar, sugar is highly addictive and tons of people struggle to eat less or cut it out completely. If you're going to switch to clean eating you would need to cut processed sugar out of your diet. That doesn't mean you can't have sweet foods though, sweeteners like honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar, dates, stevia and monk fruit are really great choices. It's important to avoid things like high fructose corn syrup, regular sugar, agave and really anything that has fructose in it. These are really bad for you, cause lots of health issues and weight gain.

You might think that cutting out a lot of foods doesn't leave much left to eat but it does! You're choosing to eat whole raw healthy foods instead of processed sugary and fried foods. You can eat pizza, hamburgers or tacos you just make a healthy version. For example, the pizza crust could have almond or coconut flour instead of the regular unhealthy gluten filled flour. Then you can use organic mushrooms, spinach, grass fed meat and raw cheese. For the sauce you could find a healthy organic pizza sauce! Same thing with the hamburgers and tacos, gluten free organic buns which I have an awesome recipe for or almond or cassava flour tortillas. Grass fed meat, raw cheese, organic tomatoes, organic hot sauce, organic greens and this awesome ketchup I love if you want something for your hamburger. There is also mayo that's healthy and some other products if you want something different.

Honestly there is so many great options to choose from, you don't have to give up everything you love! The more healthy foods you eat the better they start to taste. At first the healthy foods especially some sweet things can taste a little weird but the more you eat and you get rid of everything else you won't notice a difference. In the picture above is an omelette made with our eggs from our pasture raised chickens, with some organic mild salsa and turkey bacon. Everything I eat is either certified organic or non gmo or both and all the meat is either grass fed, pasture rasied or free range. If I don't put organic in front of something or say grass fed meat it's not because it isn't, it's just becasue I forgot or it's a lot to list organic, etc. over and over again.

Sometimes I switch it up but most of the time my omelette's include broccoli, mixed greens, like spinach or kale, bell peppers, raw colby cheese, jalapenos, mushrooms, cayenne pepper, black pepper and himalayan pink salt. Sometimes I will put ground beef or turkey bacon but normally I like turkey bacon on the side. I put salsa on every bite or if I put some in a tortillas I put salsa in there as well. I also like these gluten free keto buns with grass fed butter and all of it taste amazing! I have more info and more awesome food recipes and products but it's hard to fit it all in one blog post. Check out more blog posts for more info and stay tuned because I have more awesome content for you!