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Living Clean. Following Dreams

I'm back!

It's been a little over a year since I've added anything to my blog, but I'm back in action!

This September will be 3 years of clean eating. I have learned so much, discovered new products, and seen so much growth. If you are struggling, don't worry. I struggle too. Challenges in life, anxiety, clean eating,etc. In the beginning, it was difficult, but I'm here today to give you some insight on how to start and tell you that you can do this!

Tip #1

Start Small – start making small steps, little changes. Small adjustments or habits lead to life changes and growth.

Try switching to natural toothpaste. I use Risewell, Boka and Himalaya Botanique. Buy some essential oils and use them on your skin or in a diffuser. Switch to organic produce or eat more fruit and veggies. Start using a tongue scraper or oil pulling. Start eating healthier chips (like Siete chips) instead of the bad processed chips. Just try to make one small healthy change. Start being aware of ingredients and what's in the food you're eating. Try drinking more water, less soda, go outside more, possibilities are endless!

Changing something in your life can motivate you to do more! You can check out my article on essential oils to read more.

Tip #2

Take time to yourself, and realize that you're trying.

I struggle with this, so I know it's not easy. I overthink and beat myself up for failing or not getting where I want to be. I just encourage you to try to realize and tell yourself that you're doing the best you can! If you drink that soda, you didn't fail. You just slipped up, it happens. Try to go eat something healthy afterwards, listen to some music, go for a walk, etc. It will get easier, I'm at the point now where most of the time, I don't get bothered by seeing processed food. I love my healthy food!

Just keep going, each day is a new start!

Tip #3

The third and final tip that I have for you at this time is – remember why you started.

If you get depressed or anxious or you slip up, try to remember why you started this journey in the first place. Even take time to write it down on paper. Write why you started, what it means to you, and that you will get there. You can apply that to other things in life as well. I do that sometimes, with writing, playing guitar, my dream of performing, etc. Taking time to remind yourself why you started something is powerful. Right now, I'm struggling with my weight, I've lost weight, but I'm not where I want to be. So I'm evaluating my life, and my activity level, and seeing what I can change to be better. It takes time, try to have patience, I know it's hard.

Just keep going forward – the biggest tip of all!

You got this! Progress not perfection

Kayla Jenkins