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Organic soy free eggs from pasture raised chickens is the best you can get! I've had a hard time finding some in Texas that are actually what they claim to be, that's why we decided to get chickens and feed them organic and soy free feed. Check out the rest of my blog post to find out more!

Having chickens that are pasture raised, have plenty of room and have sunlight but also shade is very important. The chickens will be a lot healthier, happier and more relaxed. Eating eggs from chickens that don't have much room and the proper diet and living environment is not good for you and it's bad for the chickens to live that way. Choosing feed that is organic, soy free, gluten free and doesn't have any other bad ingredients added is important.

The chickens will feel better and so will you because the health beneifits of the right kind of eggs is awesome! Here is a few health beneifits of eggs, reduce risk of heart disease, may help prevent disease, improve eye health, aid in weight loss, mantian liver function and brain health and keep your skin healthy. If you can I highly suggest you buy free range or pasture raised eggs. They're so much better for you and it's terrible to keep chickens in cages. They deserve to live a healthy and happy life so buy better eggs so you're not supporting those terrible companies that treat them that way. You'll notice the difference in taste!

We recently got some sand for the chickens to bathe in and some of them love it. They also love it when you spray water on the ground and they get bugs and drink the water too. We have some of the chickens in separate areas but they all have places to roost at night. We want to get more hens in the future so we can have more eggs becuase they're amazing and we want to share some with friends and family. We have food and water buckets for them and several places for them to lay eggs. It's not the prettiest looking set up but it works and they are messy animals but they're so awesome and I love them!

The eggs these chickens lay have an orange color yolk and some are brown on the outside and some are like a lighter green gray color. They taste so rich and I never knew eggs could taste so good! My favorite thing to make lately is omelettes but I love boiled eggs as well!

Thanks for checking out my blog and stay tuned for more awesome content about chickens and more!